MJ 100k

Posted by Todd Church on

  • Saturdays, 8:00 am
  • 62 miles. 18-22 mph

The MJ 100k is a little longer and faster than the Middle of the Road Ride.

For those who remember the Sweetish Hill Bakery rides, this has the vibe of those. 2x2 lines, social at times, but down to business others. That means you can prove it at the City Limit road signs—like the olden days.

It's a friendly and supportive group, but If you get dropped, be self-sufficient as it not a no-drop ride.

What to bring? Road bike in good working condition, clipless pedals, helmet, water and nutrition, flat changing tools, and no headphones. Stop at 35-mile mark to top off bottles and grab a quick snack at mini-mart.

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