Bib Shorts / Cycling Bibs

Cycling bibs are optimal for the cyclists’ performance during a ride.

However, some are still on the fence about it — especially those who are new to cycling.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you might be confused about which you should buy: cycling bibs or regular cycling shorts. It might be that you’ve been using jerseys for riding — or you’re new to professional cycling.

Which of the two should you buy?

Here at Mellow Johnny’s, we can guarantee quality apparel whichever of these two types you picking. The choice is highly dependent on your preferences.

You don’t need to dig knee-deep into the technology or design of cycling bibs.

You just have to know why you should wear it and what’s the best type for you.


Why cyclists choose cycling bibs over regular cycling shorts

Jerseys are still the prime choice among many cyclists. However, that might change soon with the landscape of cycling sports and athletes being more diverse.

Thus, cycling bibs are becoming more popular among athletes and even occasional bikers.

What are cycling bibs anyway?

Cycling bibs are the combination of jerseys and shorts, hence its name — the bib.

People love cycling bib because of its design and functionality. Before, they would use clip-on suspenders so their shorts won’t move. Now, with the smart design of cycling bibs, they wouldn’t need suspenders anymore.

Since the short is integrated into the jersey, cyclists will not worry about their undergarments showing while exerting intense efforts when cycling.


Ways to know if you should buy a bib

There are many factors that determine if you should buy a cycling bib or regular cycling shorts. If you find most of these factors to be true to your situation, then you should definitely buy cycling bibs.

  • You hate waistbands. If you are annoyed by the texture of the regular shorts’ waistband, then bibs are definitely for you. Bibs won’t leave an itchy feeling after a long ride, unlike waistbands.
  • You prioritize comfort above anything else. Even seasoned cyclists, when asked about their preference, would choose the cycling bib over the short. Cycling bibs are more comfortable for the waist and the shoulders, given their soft materials (Lycra, Lycra with fabric blends, or mesh).
  • You want the chamois to stay in place. Do you plan to practice intense routines and want the pad or chamois to stay in one place? With poorly designed regular cycling shorts, the chamois will definitely move. Eventually. However, with the cycling bib, you will be free from this worry.
  • You have a base wicking jersey. If you own a wicking Polyester jersey, you should give the cycling bibs a try. Not only will it make you comfortable, the Polyester jersey and Lycra cycling bib will also keep you dry.

Did any of the factors above apply to you?

If yes, then it’s time for you to know the types of cycling bibs.


Know the elements of cycling bibs

To pick the right cycling bib for you, you should learn about their varying characteristics.

Materials and thickness

Use comfort and breathability as determining factors for choosing bibs.

For instance, Our MJ’s Tweed Bib, is made of Polyester Lycra and a Mesh strap, making it even more soft to the touch and breathable.

If you’re a beginner, you should start with a lightweight bib. This will allow you to breathe better and get used to a riding position.

You can also buy or wear a thicker Lycra bib later as it’s more durable.

The bib’s fit to your body

There are three types of fits that suit most cyclists — sports, professional, and racing.

The form-fitting Lycra bibs are perfect for professional and racing cyclists. They fit the body like a glove, which complements the demands of aerodynamic sports.

If you’re a casual biker or not a fan of form-fitting cycling apparel, you can opt for the sports fit jerseys or relaxed fit bibs.

Our best-selling Wedu Bib Short, is made of quality technical microfiber fabric — suitable for the casual cyclists who want plenty of breathability in a riding position.


The Chamois is an integral part of the bib, as it can hinder or promote bacterial growth, depending on the quality. Therefore, you should be meticulous with the chamois.

Our Cosmic Bibs for women, in particular, is unrivaled in chamois comfort. It’s made of Giordana’s signature soft fabric; therefore, discomfort will be a myth once you or your girlfriend wears this bib.

Moisture management

Finally, your bib should wick your sweat quickly, regardless if you’re a casual biker or a professional racer. Rain or shine, it should do well in moisture management.

Good thing you can find a top cycling bib like the Kashmir Bib here at Mellow Johnny’s. Its superior moisture management is extremely reliable. It even has UPF 50+ sun protection — perfect for your mid-day rides on the Texan highways.

The perks of owning a top-quality cycling bib

Any gear you can own must be an investment. Don’t skimp on the bib’s quality just because you already have a jersey.

If you want something better, why settle on a jersey-short kit?

If you want to do better and be faster in cycling, invest in something that guarantees comfort and quality.

By wearing a top-quality cycling bib, your focus will now only be on winning and not on scenarios of discomfort.

See the road clearly. Perform better by investing in a high-quality cycling bib.