Cycling Vests


Mellow Johnny's Vector cycling vest

Why buy a cycling vest?

When riding, your chest catches more air than any other part of the body. While Tour De France riders used to stuff newspaper up their jerseys to stay warm on long mountain descents, the mordern method is a lot more practical. Cycling vests help riders stay comfortable, warm and dry in all weather conditions.

Cycling vests come in three categories: wind vests, thermal vests and rain vests.

  • Wind vests: the Mellow Johnnýs Vector Vest is a wind vest - the most useful type of cycling vest. Perfect for spring, summer and even autumn rides, wind vests are strong, lightweight, reliable and portable - easily be packed into a pocket without any worries.
  • Thermal Cycling Vests: these provide warmth and are perfect for winter rides. Thermal vests shield you from cold air on the road without making you feel too hot (like you would when wearing a jacket).
  • Rain vests: as the name implies, this is the best type of vest to wear on a rainy day. Rain vest have has excellent waterproof features - without wrapping you up like a jacket.

To sum up, the most important vest you should start with as a cyclist is a wind vest, like the Mellow Johnnýs Vector Vest. However, when weather conditions demand it, it’s a good idea to keep rain and thermal versions ready in your kit. This way, you can enjoy thrilling outdoor bike rides without little care about the elements.


Vests and other essential biking gear

There are two key features that you should look for in a high quality cycling vest: tight comfortable fit and breathable moisture-wicking fabric. This combination ensures that riders stay cool and dry.

The Mellow Johnny’s Vector Vest is made of pro quality racing fabric and is built with a back pocket for easy storage of small items. It features a wider cut along the back and shoulders, which allows cyclist to hunch over the handlebars without leaving the lower back exposed.

Aside from a cycling vest, here are some other accessories to consider adding to your kit before your next big ride:

  • Mellow Johnny’s t-shirts: Mellow Johnny’s cycling t-shirts are the perfect mix of style and functionality. Made from 100% cotton, our tees will keep you cool and dry on casual rides while giving you a contemporary edge when you get off your bike.
  • Long sleeved shirts and hoodies: let the world know about your cycling passion while still looking good. During colder months, layering with these garments will keep your core body temperature consistent without sacrificing comfort or style.
  • Cycling gloves: are you looking for quality of cycling gloves that the pros use in the Tour De France? We stock a variety of full-fingered and fingerless cycling gloves that provide excellent padding for palms and exceptional cushioning for long rides
  • Cycling bibs: cycle without the hindrance of a waistband or drawstring by wearing a cycling bib. Mellow Johnny’s breathable bibs allow for unrestricted oxygen intake and blood flow. Many consider bibs a more comfortable choice than cycling shorts.