Women's Cycling Clothes

Women's Cycling Clothes


The best women’s bicycle clothing

With the wide selection of high-quality women’s apparel at reasonable prices, Mellow Johnny’s has something for every rider. While street clothing may work fine when the weather is good and the ride is short, being in proper cycling clothing offers one large benefit: comfort. The cut of cycling clothing and the shape of the bends at the waist and the bands at the hems optimize movement for pedalling. With jerseys the added length to the back and the snug fit ensures that the jersey stays in place and offers complete coverage..Cycling clothing is built to move with you as you ride. The built-in stretch of the fabric keeps articles of clothing from bunching up and causing chaffing. Cycling clothing fabrics used in warm weather gear are also built to stay ventilated in warm climates and to block wind and rain when it comes to riding in cold and wet weather. For warm and hot weather riding, ventilated fabrics allow water and sweat to move away from the skin and evaporate. This “moisture-wicking” technology comes in handy on all length of rides by keeping riders cool and dry. Modern cycling shorts have synthetic chamois to decrease road shock and bumps and increase comfort. Even adding a correct pair of gloves can help decrease the vibrations felt on the road or trail. Gloves include a soft layer of padding sewn into the palms to give the smoothest ride possible. While the best cycling clothing holds its own through all seasons, elements, and workouts, part of the sport is looking good while doing it too. Choose from multiple colors, prints, and designs to build a completely unique look. The flashy clothing not only looks great, but keeps riders in the view of motorists.

Choosing right clothing

Finding the best bike clothing for your body shape

When it comes to enjoying the ride, comfort comes first. At Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop, we know that athletes and riders come in all shapes and sizes and we are committed to helping everyone find the best fit. The fact is, there are many factors that go into the fit of women’s cycling apparel, especially form-fitting bike jerseys and bibs. Most clothing manufacturers offer sizes ranging from XS to XXL,and our sizing chart gives a good understanding of the fit of each piece of women’s clothing. When choosing clothing catered specifically to your body, it's important to take the time to try it on before buying. If you can't actually ride a bike seat to check the fit of a pair of shorts, be sure to at least simulate your cycling position while wearing the bibs or jersey. Take note of the comfort of the shorts and length of the jersey along your torso. The shorts should offer room to breathe without discomfort. The jersey should fall longer along your back and give room to move through arms and shoulders. Check where the waist lands on the shorts and if the length causes any hindrance in movement. The padding, known as the chamois, should feel natural, not bulky. Remember that while the cycling clothing should be form fitting, it should never be uncomfortably tight or restricting.


What to wear in different weather

Whether the sun is shining or the snow has fallen, there should be no reason to stop riders from enjoying their bikes. With the proper cycling gear, riding can be a year round sport. For warmer days, there are different options between bibs and jerseys with breathable fabrics. Opt for a full zippered short sleeve jersey to offer more ventilation. The lighter weight the material, the cooler you stay throughout the ride. Fingerless gloves would be the best idea to protect your hands without trapping too much heat within them. When temperatures start to get cooler, a long-sleeve jersey is a better option. Long sleeved zippered options can be worn like turtle necks and protect every part of the upper body while ensuring there are no gaps between clothing pieces. And winter accessories like full finger gloves, hats, ear bands, and windbreaker jackets to throw on top of your usual gear and keep the elements at bay. Knee warmers and arm warmers are easy ways to add more layers that can break through wind and colder temperatures without hindering performance or movement. Regardless of the weather, comfort is key and layers is the way to keep that together. Rather than bulky or puffy casual clothing, stick with cycling-specific clothing and add or remove light layers as the weather changes.

Size Guide

Women’s cycling apparel sizing guide

Getting the correct fit on cycling clothing is one of the most important tasks. Our sizing guide covers all women’s items and accessories ranging from size XS to XXL. For the best results, measurements should be taken on chest, hips, waist, inseam, and quads. For chest, with arms relaxed down at both sides, measure the fullest part of the chest. The measuring tape should be parallel to the floor. Waist should be measured around the natural waistline. The measuring tape should be comfortably loose without any excess. Hips need to be measured with heels together. With the measuring tape straight and parallel to the floor, measure around the widest part of the natural hip. The inseam can be taken from the inside of either leg. From crotch to bottom of ankle, this will provide insight to what shorts and tights to purchase. Measuring quads, while not always necessary can provide more insight to the material and fit needed for bibs and shorts. Measure this from the widest part of the quad. Shoes can be measured in European or Standard American sizes and should fit snug without discomfort.