Mellow Johnny’s Classic Shop Kit Sale

It's back. Our Classic Shop Kit Sale.

Giordana made, our classic black bibshorts are a staple of any rider's cycling wardrobe. Whether riding on the road or in the dirt, outside or on Zwift, the no-nonsense traditional MJ's Classic Shop Bib is perfect in every way. The shorts portion material is soft to the skin, moves freely with you as you pedal, and fits true to size. The chamois offers just the right amount of compressive padding for even the longest ride avoiding the bunching feeling found in some other brand's. And the bib uppers effortlessly hold everything in place with an ideal amount of elastic that doesn't dig into your shoulders. These are the bibs that you put on and forget about. Exactly what you want in a quality pair of bibs--ease and comfort of use.

Paired with our Classic Shop Jersey, the MJ's OG shop kit is effortless style. The full zip jersey makes getting in and out of it a breeze, and offers rider's a choice of ventilation when the temperature climbs--fully unzipped to just a little space around the traditional length collar. Body and sleeve materials are supple and not too thin giving our jersey a wearability that outshines other jerseys ride after ride and wash after wash. Right between the loose fit of what some call "club cut" and traditional "race cut" jerseys, the Mellow Johnny's Classic Jersey in black or white is sized for riding comfortably on an easy spin, or on the front of a breakaway.

Add to that our Classic Shop base layers, long sleeve jerseys, and vests, and you have a full complement of kit to get you through the rest of winter.

Currently we're offering the MJ's Classic Kit at 30% off. Shop now for the best selection. Discount applied at checkout.