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  • Saturdays, 9 am
  • 15-30 miles. 12-16 mph

These rides are co-hosted by Mellow Johnny’s and Bike Austin. This no-drop group ride is perfect for the cyclist new to riding or bike commuting, returning to the bike, or just looking for a more casual ride. The routes are designed to help riders navigate the city bike routes and other safe bike commuting options.

To accommodate the number of riders and varying fitness, there are two groups. The first group is designed for those who can average 14-16mph for 20-30 miles with one or two regrouping points. This group follows the same route but is provided with an extended mileage option.

The second group is our traditional Scout-a-Route. We average 12mph for distances between 15-25 miles with regrouping points.

Both rides are intended to explore, so leave your heart rate monitor at home, bring some spare dollars for the occasional refreshment stop and enjoy the view.

General ride expectations: helmet, bike in good working condition, water and nutrition, and no headphone/radios. We encourage you to ride to the shop. If driving, please park in the street.

For preride refreshment, meet at Juan Pelota Café 30 minutes before start time.

The ride schedule is often listed on the Bike Austin Website, however, feel free to call the shop to confirm that the ride is on given weather or other conflicting events.

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