Men's Cycling Clothing


The Best Men’s Cycling Clothing

Cycling clothing that fits and moves correctly can make all the difference when it comes to riding. The best apparel fits every cyclist and their budget perfectly. It should remain reliable in whatever weather or climate you ride in without compromising comfort. All of our clothing offerings are made to be high performing and withstand regular use.


Why Should Men Wear Cycling Clothing?

Cycling clothing is built with the rider in mind. From the design right down to the stitching, the goal is to provide comfort and improve aerodynamics. Wearing the correct jersey, shorts, or bib can pulls sweat off the body for evaporative cooling. Rather than being bulky or loose cycling apparel is form-fitting with built-in grippers at the cuffs to keep clothing in place while you’re in motion and prevent chafing. Each piece of cycling clothing is cut to move the way cyclists move. And to ensure full coverage when leaning forward and pedalling jerseys are fit with longer backs and shorts and bibs typically have taller waists. Fitted shorts and bibs offer padding known as a chamois that provides support and comfort when seated on the bike. The fitted cut of cycling clothing and the layer of padding in shorts and bibs prevents friction, wicks moisture, prevents bacterial growth, and helps cushion bumps.


What Type Of Bike Clothing Should You Wear?

A key part of men’s cycling clothing is the range of items needed to find comfort in varied weather conditions. Depending on the season and location, different options might be more appropriate. Each type does a different job in regulating body temperature and keeping the elements out. The choice between a long and short sleeved jersey can be dependent on either climate or comfort. Many riders opt for a longer sleeved jersey in all temperatures for the added sun protection, while others prefer the short sleeved zippered option to open ventilation. Not only are there cuts to keep in mind, but different fabrics as well. Between synthetic polyester and Merino wool, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of thickness, comfort, and breathability. It’s also important to take into account the added tech on each piece of clothing. Highly technical materials are included in the garments that feature wind and rain resistance, reflectivity, high visibility colors, and stretch fit. For a more efficient experience, many men opt for a bib rather than shorts. A bib offers uncompromised performance and comfort by removing the elastic waistband. They look similar to regular cycling shorts, but instead have built in braces as not to restrict breathing.


What Should You Look Out For When Shopping For Men's Cycling Apparel?

When looking for the best cycling apparel for your needs, there are a few key things to keep in consideration. For starters, budget. A good piece of cycling apparel is an investment, and should be bought to last - but keeping a budget in mind is important. Pieces like jerseys, shorts, and bibs can range in price. The higher the price, the more technical the fabrics, the better the chamois, the more refined the cut of the piece. The choice to invest in a higher price point item should lay in how often the clothing will be worn and how important quality is going to be in the future. Tight-fitting or baggy is another important question to ask. More casual riders or commuters might opt for a baggier mountain bike short with built in lining to provide flexibility for off the bike looks. Many baggier short options still include pockets and work well on and off the bike. More serious road riders and racers tend to invest in a tight form-fitting short. For cycling on roads at longer distances, the form fit provides more comfort and aerodynamic advantages.