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MJ's Bibs

Why bibs? Quite simply, they work better than cycling shorts, especially on longer rides. Why? Because of how they are made.

Cycling bibs, like cycling shorts, are designed to fit like a second skin and move with you when riding. Seams are placed so as to eliminate friction that causes chaffing. Leg grippers keep the cuffs from ridding up. But unlike cycling shorts, there's no need for constricting waistband, because bibs feature "suspenders" that hold the short portion in place. 

The upper straps on modern bibs are soft and wide and made of moisture managing technical materials.

The perfect pair of bibs are those that disappear during your ride. You just don't think about them; they do their job, so you can do yours: enjoy the ride.

Most of our bibs are based on Giordana's Pro Forma design. It's been Lance's favorite for years and ours too. We also offer a few designs from other premier partners like Pearl Izumi. All of our women's bibs are tailored slightly differently and of course have a women's-specific chamois.

Whether you've worn bibs forever, or you're looking for your first pair, you're going to love MJ's cycling bibs.