Cycling quickly became an activity after bicycles were introduced back in the day. What used to be primarily as a mode of transportation has also evolved into a form of recreation and fitness regimen.

With people becoming more health conscious nowadays, cycling as a trendy form of exercise has given birth to many spin class centers and classes. While it may be comfortable to wear gym clothes and sports bras during these cycling sessions, there is a specific science behind wearing proper cycling apparel when riding a bike.

Proper biking apparel is available for both men and women. It comes in the form of colorful and printed jerseys, bibs and cycling shorts, gloves, and hats.

Why wear bicycle apparel

Why cyclists wear bicycle apparel

Bicycle apparel was made specifically to provide not just comfort for cyclists but to also provide better aerodynamics on speed when riding. Specific material is being used to make the top and bottom apparel along with other cycling gear, such as gloves, shoes, and socks.

Cycling jersey

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Cycling jerseys are typically form-fitting to reduce drag when you ride and are made of lightweight material like Lycra spandex. Loose clothes tend to capture more air and heavier materials like cotton won’t help you gain riding momentum and speed. Jerseys are usually made of wicking synthetic materials that keeps sweat away from the body.

It was cut and designed to fit the natural shape and lines of your body when riding. Jerseys are made out of moisture-wicking, lightweight material that has built-in grippers so they stay in place while you are in motion. It comes in both short and long sleeves, depending on your preference and the seasonality that you will be using them.

Cycling shorts

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Cycling short are made specifically to bring comfort while riding. They come in tight, form-fitting wear since loose clothing creates a large amount of aerodynamic drag and will slow you down.

They are made with panels and stretchy fabric for better movement. Cycling shorts are usually cut longer in the legs and there are built-in leg grippers to prevent from saddle chafing and keep the shorts in place while riding.

Cycling gloves

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When bike riding, it is important to wear cycling gloves. With its lightly padded leather palm, crocheted cotton back, and a Velcro strip, it allows you to ride in comfort and avoid friction from the handlebars.

There are also cycling gloves available with gel padding in the palm and stretchy backs so there’s no need for a Velcro tab.

Cycling shoes and socks

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By wearing proper cycling footwear, your feet will experience a less painful riding experience as they are made to withstand the constant pressure of pedaling.

Socks for cycling are made from thin, sweat-wicking fabrics, usually with a thicker layer on the sole for padding. While cycling shoes are made like cleats for better grip and traction to the bike pedals with stiff soles with attachment points that clip into special pedals.

Cycling bibs

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If you prefer a more efficient biking experience, more cycling enthusiasts prefer wearing cycling bibs since they are more comfortable.

They also do not have an elastic waistband so it does not restrict breathing. They look like cycling shorts but they have built-in braces instead of waistbands.

Cycling accessories

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Beanies and caps are not just for daily casual wear, but they are also equally important in cycling. Wool beanies and caps help add insulation to your winter rides. It helps shield your head as well from the sun during hot riding days.

They can serve also as a sweat barrier and help wick moisture for a cooler head during summer riding.

Choosing right cycling apparel

How to choose the right cycling apparel

Whether you are a first-time rider or a long time cyclist, choosing the right biking gear influences your riding experiences heavily. What you choose and how you choose them will have an impact on your bike ride.


Because cycling involves leaning forward most of the time, sitting upright, or standing while pedaling on certain times, cycling apparel is cut to fit appropriately for these movements.

Biking jerseys have longer backs to keep your lower back covered. Long sleeved jerseys are cut longer than your usual long-sleeved shirts, as they are intended to maintain arm coverage even when you stretch your arms to reach the bike handles. Most jerseys also have a front zipper for ventilation when the temperature rises. This also helps when riding during hotter weather.

Most legwear like the cycling shorts is made of Lycra and shaped with bends at the waist and knees so it provides comfort and support when pedaling. They also have a higher waist at the back for better coverage.

When choosing gloves, socks, and shoes, also make sure that they have a snug fit and in your proper size so they do not move around when cycling.


Cycling jerseys’ length usually has a longer cut in the back, unlike normal shirts, for better coverage when riding. The shoulder sections of jerseys are also cut wider for arms–forward comfort. Its sleeves specially shaped for forward lean and there are back pockets added for easy on–the–go access. And some jerseys have reflective trim or highlights for night riding so passing cars can spot you easily on the road.

As for cycling shorts, they differ vastly from normal shorts primarily on its panel construction and padded liner for better movement. Cycling shorts are made with added stretch in the material for full freedom of movement and a padded crotch section to reduce friction from the bike seat and control moisture in the region.

Wearing proper cycling socks and shoes also aid in your riding experience by providing a better grip to the pedals and are lightweight enough for better aerodynamics.


Most cycling jerseys, bibs and shorts available in the market come in a form of synthetic polyester. As you continue to sweat while riding, this fabric helps wick moisture and sweat away from your skin.

Another material that’s available is Merino wool. While wool is much thicker in nature as compared to polyester, using it for cycling jerseys render a level of comfort even on warm riding days. Bacteria from sweat, especially in the armpit areas, grows more slowly on wool than on synthetics, so a wool cycling jersey can be worn multiple times between washes before it gets smelly.

With the same purpose, use proper cycling gloves with a padded leather or synthetic-leather palm and moisture-absorbing terry cloth for dabbing sweat or a runny nose. For colder weather, choose a pair of wicking, breathable, full-finger bike gloves.

For cycling socks, Merino wool is a better choice of material as it not only wicks moisture and dries fast, it insulates even while wet.


Because of how bikes are built, cycling can cause leather burns in the body if you are not wearing the proper cycling gear. Cycling shorts are primarily made with padding to avoid friction from the bike seat while still allowing you to ride full speed without discomfort. A smooth, soft synthetic pad minimizes friction, wicks moisture, prevents bacterial growth, and helps cushion bumps.

The same goes for choosing proper cycling gloves and footwear, wherein padding is very important. Wearing cycling gloves and socks prevent calluses on your fingers and feet, respectively.


Because of its lightweight material, cycling apparel helps you ride better and faster. It is more aerodynamic than regular clothing. The reason why both the jersey and the shorts are tight-fitting is that it reduces drag with no spare fabric flapping in the breeze.

Jerseys also come built with other aesthetics like zippers, which helps add better ventilation. Some biking jerseys have neck zippers that can also go all the way up like turtlenecks on those colder weather runs.

Proper cycling gear also helps in other areas too. Cycling shoes have stiff soles, so your energy isn’t wasted flexing rubber over your pedals. That also makes for comfier feet because the pressure on the pedal is spread over your whole foot.

Buying guide

Cycling apparel buying guide

Cycling gloves

When choosing a cycling glove, you can either go for the full finger type or the fingerless design.

In hotter weather, gloves with short-cut fingers are ideal so you do not sweat too much when riding. They usually come in a padded or synthetic-leather palm and moisture-absorbing terry cloth.

For colder days, you can choose a pair of full-finger gloves made of wicking, breathable material.

Cycling jersey

Cycling jerseys should ideally fit the type of weather that you will be using it for. While the jerseys you often see is the short sleeved one, most cyclists nowadays get both the short and long sleeves. This way, you have a jersey for different weather.

While long sleeves are ideal for colder seasons like winter, a lot of cyclists now prefer to wear them even during summer rides. Long sleeved cycling jerseys provide an added layer of sun protection for your skin.

However, be mindful that long-sleeved jerseys are originally made for the colder weather and come in thicker fabrics. That is why for hot days of riding, it is still better to wear the short sleeved ones for extra comfort and breeze.

Cycling shoes and socks

While there may be a myriad of socks and shoe options that you think is already suitable for cycling, think again.

Socks made of Merino wool are a flexible choice and can be worn both for summer and winter rides.

Socks made of synthetic materials are ideal for winter use.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts differ from normal shorts because of the stretch in the material that provides freedom of movement. They also come with a padded crotch liner to protect against fiction and to reduce moisture.

When fitting cycling shorts, make sure you try on different padding styles to see which has the best fit.

Features of cycling shorts:

Panel construction - There used to be a time when more panels meant that it is more comfortable. But clothing technology made it so that the number of panels would not matter anymore.

Padded liner - Chamois, a soft pad made of synthetic, reduces friction and wick moisture. This prevents cyclists prevent bacterial growth and cushion bumps during their ride. Different cycling shorts have a variety of shapes, thickness, and materials used.

Some things to consider include:

Multi-density, open-cell foam liners which provide optimum comfort for long rides.

Gel/open-cell foam liners are perfect for mountain-bike cushioning but are not ideal for long, hot rides.

Closed-cell foam liners are an affordable option but deliver good performance.

Legs - To prevent saddle chafing, make sure to

Choosing which pair of cycling shorts to wear will depend on the climate.

For cooler temperatures, go for cycling tights or knickers because these extend right down to the knees. These come with a built-in chamois for proper fit and comfort. But their biggest advantages are the weather-resistant front panels and the reflective detailing which are perfect for winter.

Cycling bibs

Men can choose between a high cut waist and the low cut waist. Women, on the other hand, have more choices of cuts and styles, depending on the manufacturer. In any case, the choice of bib style comes down to comfort and personal preference.

Bibs are made often made with a base material of nylon spandex and mixed with proprietary fabric. This increases comfort, breathability, and wicking. Those made of lighter fabrics breathe better and are cooler. Those made of thicker fabrics are more durable. High-end bibs come with more compression for improved circulation, dimples for aerodynamics, and other features.

Other factors to consider when buying cycling bibs are fit, inseam, panels, and chamois.

Cycling accessories

If you happen to collect wool beanies and caps, these go great when bike riding for added protection from the sun or for insulation from cold winds. It helps protect your head from the harsh elements. It also helps get rid of sweat running from your forehead, which may fog up your view or enter your eyes.

Summary of benefits

Cycling apparel like jerseys and shorts come in various shapes and form. Aside from personal preference, biking jerseys offer specific functions when riding in different weather conditions.


Because of the nature of the sport, cycling apparel values comfort as one of its important function. Materials used, such as lightweight polyester and Merino wool, offer the rider comfort and ease of movement when riding. Both materials also get rid of perspiration from the skin and the jersey.


Because riding can be done not only during the summers, cycling jerseys were made to fit different weather conditions based on length and material. Long sleeved jerseys are typically used for colder temperatures. But they can be also be used for summer riding to protect your arms from the sun. If you prefer to be more categorical when it comes to your jerseys, you can purchase both so you can interchange.


Many cycling jerseys feature bright graphics. They come in flashy colors and designs so you can easily be seen by motorists. Some jerseys will also have reflective trim to aid visibility. This makes your riding safe at all times.