MJ's Cycling Apparel

Mellow Johnny's cycling apparel is purpose built for one thing: riding. Most of our jersey and bib designs, from our Classic shop kit to our more daring looks, are composed right here in the Creative Suite at our World Headquarters. Some though are done by friends of the shop, outside design firms, or brand partners.

Why Giordana?

Since we opened our doors we've been pleased to have most of our cycling kit offerings made for us by Giordana in Italy. Born in the late 1970s when Giorgio Andretta switched from importing Italian cycling goods to the US to opening a cycling clothing manufacture in Italy, Giordana has been at the forefront of cycling apparel. World Tour teams, Olympic Medalists, and yes, Tour de France winners, as well as elite amateurs and enthusiast riders alike have all have worn Giordana cycling clothing. Our Classic kit will always be made for us by our friends at Giordana.

Other Partner Brands.

We also work with other clothing makers as well such as Rapha and Pearl Izumi to both broaden the range of our offerings and to showcase products, designs, and styles that we here at Mellow Johnny's think are some of the best on the market today. 

There's more to wear here than just cycling clothing.

Some of our designs make it to off the bike clothing, like t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. Why? Just for fun mostly. Staff and customers alike enjoy pieces that let them show their affinity for the shop and cycling in general off the bike. And there's nothing we like seeing more than someone flying the flag down the street or on the other side of the globe during their day-to-day routine. 

A final word.

Many of our design collections one and done, meaning that once we sell through it, it's going to the archives. From time to time we may bring something back, perhaps in a new colorway or with updated pieces from Giordana or another brand. If there's something you see that you really love, get it. Because there may not be another chance. 

Want to see the latest looks as they are released? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and to check back here often for new designs and updated pieces.