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Advantages of cycling accessories?

Having cycling accessories can tremendously change your rides in many ways, whether in meeting vital needs or fulfilling your wants. In either case, accessories can help improve your cycling experience, allowing for a smoother ride with no worries. Keep reading to get a clear idea of how Mellow Johnny’s accessories can help you gain big biking advantages:

DIY technical fixes on the road on the Road

Flat or punctured tires, loose bolts, and problematic chains are just few of the common technical issues for cyclists on the road. If you have the right bike accessories with you, you can easily solve them up in no time.

Imagine one of your tires goes flat far from any help or service centers: if properly equipped, you can solve the problem on the spot.

Avoid accidents and injuries

Accessories can also help you avoid accidents and injuries while cycling. Needless to say, having the right gears and wearables can protect you in events of crash, while stuff like bells and lights can help improve your safety on the ride.

Of course, you need quality safety accessories and gears that you can trust, like products and brands that we in Mellow Johnny’s offer. Don’t purchase from unreliable brands and stores to avoid faulty products.

Boost convenience throughout your ride

Having the right accessories can also improve your convenience, regardless of your purpose of cycling on a certain moment. Imagine you’re on your mountain bike and heading towards a camping destination: a good bag, water bottle and bottle cage among other accessories would come in very handy.

Staff picks

Staff picks

There is a long list of accessories you can buy from Mellow Johnny’s. This list comes from our Austin bike shop staff, all of them avid riders. Here are their top suggested cycling accessories that they suggest all riders should consider:

Attachable Accessory Parts

These are accessories that you can attach onto your bike. Attachables include:

  • Bike lights: bike lights like those made by Bontrager can help you see in the dark and also be highly visible to others on dark roads.
  • Bicycle bells: bike bells like those by Spurcycle can help you be heard easily as you approach other riders, pedestrians or cars. These are essential, especially in urban areas!
  • Bottle cages: buying a bottle cage may seem insignificant at first, until you realize that carrying a heavy water bottle in a backpack in very uncomfortable, especially on long rides! A quality bottle cage like the Arundel is lightweight, dependable, easy to clean and very good at keeping water bottles in place, even on bumpy trails.

Portable Technical Tools

It’s important that cyclists maintain a toolkit, especially when going on long distance rides. This ensures that repairs and fixes can be done conveniently. Essential tools:

  • Portable Pumps: although floor pumps are still the best choice in providing fast air pressure to bicycle tires, portable pumps can help you keep your tires inflated while on the road. These are super-lightweight, but require a lot of pumping to fill a tire - prepare for a solid arm workout!
  • Portable pliers: pliers are like the Swiss Army Knife of cycling tools, useful for fixing all sorts of problems. For example, if you have a set of Wolf Tooth Pack pliers, you can easily accomplish tasks like removing a valve core or tightening a valve lock.
  • Multi-tool: a product like the Fabric 16 function multi-tool is essential when dealing with a flat and keeping all of your components snugly secured. Included is a tire removal pry and Allen keys of varying sizes to fix all cycling components.

Wearable accessories

These Mellow Johnny’s bike accessories don’t only help you look good, but also serve certain purposes to enhance your bike riding experience.

  • Cycling helmets: if you want the best helmet to protect you on rides, come down to one of our Austin shops or else browse our online collection. We stock only the best cycling helmets in the world, with features like superior cooling and aerodynamics.
  • Eyewear: you can’t just grab any sunglasses and expect to have the best experience on a bike ride. Check out our cycling specific eyewear. Aside from looking great, cycling goggles can also help you maintain a good field of vision without worrying about slipping off. This means you can focus on your bike ride while protecting your eyes and enjoying the amazing view - in style!

Popular cycling accessories

Popular Accessories

Here are some additional accessories available at Mellow Johnny’s that are particularly popular with our customers:

  • Insulated water bottles: having an insulated variant like those made by Purist can help you make sure of having cold or hot drinks throughout your bike ride. High quality insulation properties help maintain drink temperatures over several hours.
  • GPS and sensor devices: these portable computer devices can plot your coordinates while monitoring your heart rate, pulse and vital signs. After using a product like the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT, you will be amazed at how completely it can enhance your ride, especially in places that you’re not familiar with.
  • Indoor cycling trainer: why pack your bike away just because of winter? Instead, purchase a specialized piece of technology to simulate cycling indoors. Machines like the Wahoo KICKR Snap Indoor Trainer will make you feel like you’re out on blazing summer trails, even in the dead of winter. Set up the machine, fire up the app and start pedaling!