Vesper Cycling Collection

The spirit of the Vesper collection pays stylistic homage to Martini Racing with a vivid throwback Riviera palette. Throw in harvest gold touches for full effect. The kit is an ideal blend of aerodynamic and technical fabrics with a fit for performance without restriction.

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The Vesper collection is a nod to the iconic Martini Racing design, which makes a perfect addition to any gearhead’s biking wardrobe. When people hear Martini Racing they think of red and blue stripes burning rubber down the motorway. For obvious reasons, we believe those colors have earned a place in the world of bike racing.

Now you can assume the identity of a legendary formula one racer, whether you’re tearing up the track in the throwback Vesper bicycling jersey, or crushing IPAs in the Vesper Tee.

Design Inspiration: A Piece of Racing History

The term Martini Racing comes from Italy’s world-renowned Martini International Club racing sponsorship, which began in 1958. The distinctive dark blue, light blue, and red racing stripes first adorned a Porsche 906 in 1968. Martini stripes quickly became the most well-known and widely-recognized symbol in the history of racing.

Road bicycle racing in its modern form began picking up speed in the late 19th century in the Western European countries of France, Spain, Belgium, and—you guessed it—Italy. Some of bike racing’s earliest events; the Liège–Bastogne–Liège, first established in 1892, the Paris–Roubaix in 1896, and of course, the Tour de France in 1903, remain the sport’s largest events.

The goal of the Vesper cycling apparel collection is to merge these great racing histories with a simple but strong design that stands the test of time.

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