Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are the apparel to wear during casual and mountain rides. You do not have to wear those bibs and jerseys all the time, and you would still want to look stylish when you get off your bike. Now, these shorts can still provide you that protection, superior fit, adjustability, agility, and stylish look wherever your route or trail may be.

You would want to find the best cycling shorts that fit you well, so you will have a great experience every time you ride. Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop knows that. Thus, we offer a good selection of bike shorts for you to buy.

However, it could be overwhelming to choose from a huge selection of shorts. Here is a guide that you can use.


Why cyclists wear cycling shorts

Basically, there are a few reasons why cyclists choose to wear bike shorts, and these are all for them to enjoy cycling on another level. Not only that these shorts make them comfortable, but they also protect cyclists from bruises that they might get along the trails and improve their performance.


Unlike casual shorts, bike shorts are fitted with specialized features to serve specific functions. Aside from improving cycling performance, these features also provide a high level of comfort especially during long rides.

  • Chamois Paddings – These are fitted on the short and are intended to improve comfort for the cyclist while on the saddle. These paddings act as a cushion against the seat’s usually hard surface, while decreasing friction to allow the shorts to move with you.
  • Moisture Wicking – Like Spandex and Lycra cycling bibs, these shorts are also made of specialised fabrics that have special moisture management properties, which helps in wicking sweat from your legs.
  • Aerodynamics – This feature helps cyclists to seamlessly glide through the wind without too much resistance. While Lycra and Spandex bibs have excellent fit for aerodynamics, cargo shorts for cycling are also fitted with straps for them not to flap around when you ride.
  • Protection – Like other cycling apparel, cycling shorts also help protect cyclists from bruises and injuries that might be acquired from bushes along mountain trails or from crashes. If you are planning to bike through a rough trail, wearing cargo bike shorts is the best choice with their efficient protection over your legs.


The best bike shorts can provide a high level of comfort for any cyclists, especially during long rides.

Cargo bike shorts, for example, won’t give you a hard time when you need to go to the men’s room during your stops. In addition, it has numerous pockets for the stuff you carry, especially when your bag isn’t enough.

Style and Design

As a bonus, you can choose from a wide range of cycling shorts that will look great on you. You will definitely find one that will fit your style.

Because they are casual, you can even wear them while away from your bike without looking odd from the rest of the crowd.


How to choose the right cycling shorts

After knowing why cyclists always choose to wear cycling shorts, you have to find the one that will fit you well. However, there is a wide selection of bike shorts, and choosing the best one can be challenging.

To make your search easier, you need to determine what you really need.

For example, if you want superior protection, enough number of pockets, and excellent look, the cargo bike shorts are your best option. These types of shorts are perfect for long rides and will shield you from harm or injuries during accidents.

You also need to consider the length and size of the shorts too. Remember that one that is too small would hinder your movements as you paddle, and one that is too big would affect your aerodynamics.

Then, you need to look at its features. Are you looking for one that is made of fabrics that will make you comfortable during winter or summer rides? Do you want one with removable or permanently sewed chamois paddings?

Of course, you should opt for shorts that you will love to wear. In a way, its style and design should fit your fashion preferences.


Cycling shorts buying guide

With the overwhelming options available for you, there are steps that make it easier for you to find the exact pair you need. Use this guide:

  1. Know exactly which bike shorts you need or want by listing down some necessities you want to remember. For example, if you are looking for cargo bike shorts for winter cycling, then you need to consider the features that make cycling more comfortable during the season.
  2. Do some Google search for the type of cycling shorts that will satisfy your requirements or preferences. However, don’t be surprised to find other factors that will make you think to look into different items. Again, the season when you will be riding is a very important consideration.
  3. If you are not sure what shorts to buy, then speak with the experts to help you out. Mellow Johnny’s are experts in cycling, and we are willing to assist you through your search.

    We will lead you to a few possible items that would satisfy you. This will help narrow down your search.

    Inform us about your needs or preferences, and we can find the best shorts for yourself.

  4. If you are personally shopping at the shop, do not forget to try the bike shorts before making a final decision. Aside from having the features you need and the look that you want, the shorts should feel comfortable as you wear it.
  5. Compare prices. However, you should remember that your decision should not be based on the price alone. You should make sure that the one you choose should give you everything you need.

After buying a pair of bike shorts, be sure to take care of them properly.

For a quick tip, avoid washing them with a strong detergent to maintain their moisture management feature. Zip them up, as unzipped zippers can tear certain areas of the shorts while in the washing machine.

Summary of benefits of buying the right shorts

Buying the best cycling shorts can give significant benefits, like:

  • Better performance while on the road. Especially with their chamois paddings, aerodynamics, and moisture management features, these shorts will let you ride seamlessly without too much resistance, friction, and effort.
  • Better protection. One of your top priorities while riding is to be safe and to minimize any impact in case a crash occurs.
  • Comfort and convenience. Just grab the right pair of shorts for your particular needs. As for cargo bike shorts, they will make it convenient for you to carry stuff during long rides on rough terrain.
  • Fashion statement. Wear the right pair of shorts, and you can surely express your own style. Cargo shorts will make you look casual and cool anywhere you ride.

Just be sure to buy from Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop, so you can have the best-quality cycling shorts that will give you these benefits.