Krypto Cyclist Apparel Collection

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The Krypto collection is a versatile look perfect for the modern cyclist. For our rugged riders, mountain bikers, and gravel grinders, this digi camo-inspired look will have you standing out instead of blending in. For those who prefer a well-paved road to a more natural landscape, this digitized design will help you show off your technical abilities.

Red and navy-blue color blocks featured on the men and women cycling jerseys exhibit a sleek and modern look. Perfect for expressing individual style or outfitting the whole team in a clean combination, the Krypto design collection will have tech-savvy cyclists everywhere hacking into the competition.

Design Inspiration: A Digital Future

With more and more gadgets hitting the market every day, cyclists need apparel that can not only keep up, but lead the way when it comes to the everyday aesthetics and user experience.

For those familiar with the tech industry, you already know that human factors and ergonomics are some of the top-selling elements of a product. At Mellow Johnny’s, we took that mindset and applied it to cycling apparel. We’re already providing loyal customers with top-of-the-line cycling technology, apparel, and accessories; why not have a cohesive design that reflects that?

Enter the Krypto design collection from Mellow Johnny’s. Our creative team went underground on a secret mission to reflect the experience of modern cyclists in a fast-paced society. Like a cyber-genius with fingers flying across the keys, the Krypto design looks like a computer screen filled with lines of complex code. Deep blue print sets a contrasting background against alarming red typeface, sending a volatile message to your opponents.

The visual effect is intensified as you move, motivating you to keep going like a viral message zooming through cyberspace.

Unlike our throwback concepts like the Vesper and Bel Air, the Krypto design line is intended exclusively for riders with their eyes fixed on the road ahead.

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