Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jerseys are the most fundamental must-haves of athletes.

Besides wicking moisture from the skin, cycling jerseys are also designed for additional ventilation. For instance, the wearer can open the long zipper in case he or she is getting hot.

However, not all cycling jerseys are equal. Not every jersey serves the same purpose and delivers the same quality.

Below we present high quality cycling jerseys that stand out from the rest. They have intelligent functions, high-quality fabrics, and attractive design.

Where can you shop for your ideal cycling jerseys?

At Mellow Johnny’s bike shop in Austin, you can find top-notch cycling jerseys.

We have an array of high-caliber jerseys, perfect for the meticulous athlete or the casual biker. We want you to be the best — and so we’ve designed the best products for you.

With Mellow Johnny’s cycling jerseys, you can conquer more than dirt roads.


More than just sportswear

For people who live and breathe cycling, jerseys are not just a sportswear to keep them efficient and comfortable. Cyclists don’t just wear jerseys because it’s right for the sport.

To them, jerseys are badges of honor. Having different colors and designs, each jersey represents something, someone — a social cause or their personal heroes.

Here at Mellow Johnny’s, we provide a solid collection of the leading cycling jerseys in the market. Whatever your purpose for buying a set, we can assure you’re getting maximum comfort, high-end style and high quality fabrics.



Choosing the right cycling apparel

Before you shop for jerseys, you might want to know their difference from bibs. Know their distinctions and see what’s the best cycling apparel for you.

  • Long-sleeve jerseys: these are for you if you have pale skin. It can help you avoid a terrible sunburn during hot days, while it can keep you warm during windy rides. You can check out our Wonderland long-sleeve jersey. You can even opt for the Vector kit, which also includes skull caps and leg warmers.
  • Short sleeved jerseys: if you don’t worry about sunburn, you can opt for short-sleeve cycling jerseys. Our MJ'S Classic Jersey has been a favorite among our customers, courtesy of its flawless design by Giordana of Italy. It’s available in elegant black and white colors, perfect for anyone who prefers to keep it classy.
  • Bib shorts: bibs are ideal for you if you don’t like waistbands and like the chamois to stay in place. We have this stellar bib called The Prism. Its slimmed down mesh bib straps don’t touch the skin that often, while the silicone-backed grippers prevent the hem from moving. It also comes with a multi-density, size-specific chamois.
How do you buy a cycling jersey?

How can you choose the most ideal one? You need to list down your preferences and conditions, first.


Cycling jerseys buying guide

We’ve listed down the different types of materials and styles of jerseys. Find out what suits you best.

Type of fits

A well-suited jersey feels like a second skin.

  • Pro fit: with this fit, you can get an adequate room in a riding position. It comes with a more tailored appearance than other types of jerseys.
  • Racing fit: this type of jersey fit is for serious athletes. There is little breathing room when you’re in a riding position. It’s the tightest fit on this list, which is to complement the nature of aerodynamic sports like cycling.
  • Sports fit: if you just want to ride around the suburbs, a sports fit jersey will be ideal for you. It’s a loose and relaxed fit, allowing you more room to move around.


You should decide carefully on the materials, as it will affect both your comfort and performance.

  • Nylon: with the mix of spandex and microfiber, Nylon jerseys will keep your sweaty body cool and absorb its wetness. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, Nylon jerseys are for you. They have a long shelf-life, even though the colors eventually fade.
  • Polyester: poly’s cornerstone is breathability. It’s a popular choice because of its superior moisture-wicking capability.
  • Lycra: most cyclists would argue that Lycra is the best material for scorching weather. They are also fanatics of Lycra’s ability to evaporate moisture so quickly.
  • Wool: Merino wool is a huge favorite among cyclists. It’s lightweight and cool on the skin, helping them cope with heat better. Moreover, Merino wool helps prevent the strong, funny odors often caused by bacteria accumulation.

The rewards of choosing a reliable cycling jersey

If ever you land a reasonably priced and high-quality jersey, you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

First, if you buy the right jersey, you will save yourself from wasting time shopping for a better one. Next, you will spare yourself from discomfort and potential sickness from a poorly fitting jersey. Finally, you will perform at your best, knowing your jersey is comfortable, well-fitting, and dry.