Cycling Jerseys

All cycling jerseys are not equal. The materials, construction, and design together determine just how good a jersey is. 

Every Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop jersey is made from quality materials from our premier partner Girodana or other key vendors like Pearl Izumi or Rapha. These brands, and their custom houses, understand that jerseys made of modern technical fabrics require the most advanced construction techniques and color sublimation methods. 

The result is jerseys that look and fit great, regardless of how often you ride, wash, hang dry, and repeat. That's what you want in a favorite jersey. A jersey that continues to fit well and look great.

The fit of most of our full zip jerseys is right between race cut and club cut. Women's jerseys are slightly tapered as well. Anytime we have a piece that fits differently, we mention that in the jersey's description. A great fitting cycling jersey is snug, but not restrictive and long enough to cover the top of the shorts portion of you bibs. Our MTB jerseys are classic MTB baggy. 

For our designs we work with multiple designers from every corner of the country. And some looks come from right here at the MJ's Austin store

We also offer here online a number of select inline, non-custom stock jerseys from brands like Castelli, Sportful, and more.

Take a look at all of our jerseys. If you're curious about one of our jerseys, drop us a line and we'll get back to you, usually within a day.

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