Cycling Jackets

Sometimes it's just plain cold out. Or it's wet. Or both. And you still want to ride. So grab a cycling jacket. Cycling jackets work as outer shells worn over jerseys.

Most cycling jackets designed for cold weather offer added wind and chill cheating measures like fleece-type lining, tight cuffs and waistbands and high necklines to keep cold air at bay. They are also heavier, denser pieces than most cycling kit given their purpose.

There are also wet-weather jackets designed primarily for keeping you dry. Looser shells that aren't as heavy but that are highly water resistant or even waterproof. 

There are also jackets that do a bit of both--keep you extra warm and offer a measure of water repelling. These do-it-all pieces often have windproof fronts and sleeves and more jacket material on the back to allow for added breathability.

Whatever cold or wet weather condition you want to ride in, there's great kit to let you do just that, #rideyourbike.

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