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The Bel Air design puts the avid cyclist in a time warp, launching him or her back to a time of psychedelic simplicity. Show off your hippie mojo in a cycling jersey outfitted with all the latest racing technology Giordana cycling apparel has to offer and experience the best of both worlds.

Big bubble lettering and bold blocks of color across the chest inspired by the art and music scene of the era are sure to catch the eye of your fellow mellow cyclists.

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Design Inspiration: Peace, Love, and Bicycles

The hippies originated as a youth movement in the United States during the 1960’s. It was largely influenced by Eastern religions like Buddhism as well as other studies of spirituality. Their ideals and beliefs focused on the way we interact with our natural habitat as well as how we treat one another. Harmony with nature, communal living, artistic experimentation, and a recreational lifestyle were among the highly revered characteristics of the movement.

These are values the cycling community holds dear as well. Whether you take a commuter bicycle to work to reduce your carbon footprint, or you’re a weekend cyclist who just loves to have fun. Our bikes and our apparel are reflective of the cycling lifestyle and this contributes to the identity of the biking community as a whole.

The name, BelAir, is a west coast reference, as many of you might already know thanks to the extremely popular 90’s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, starring Will Smith. Andy Warhol is the artist most commonly connected with the famous 60’s-born art movement, pop art. His manipulation of bold blocks of color and fascination with Hollywood, California inspired the Bel Air color palette.

The goal of the Bel Air collection was to combine these two great movements in art, marrying the carefree essence of California and countercultural rhythm of New York in one straightforward, but eye-catching design.

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